Silk Touch Body Treatment  

Give your skin a youthful glow! A full body scrub using our house made sugar scrub followed by a relaxing hydration treatment.          

60 Minutes     $80


Ambiance Escape Body Treatment

Escape your stress. Detoxify and invigorate with our elite lotion and scrub infused with essential oils. Followed by a deeply relaxing full body Japanese Hot Stone massage. Your hands and feet are treated to the same elite lotion and scrub.      

90 Minutes     $125


Ambiance Refresh Body Treatment

Refresh, relax and revitalize. Beginning with a detoxifying full body exfoliation followed by and application of our elite lotion infused with essential oils. Heat is then applied to aid in the skin's absorption of the antioxidant rich lotion, leaving your skin irresistibly silky and radiant.   

  75 Minutes   $90